Calendar of Currently Scheduled Tours

(for browsers that might not display the calendar properly, below is a text-based listing of available dates:)

Reservations can be made at the bottom of each tour's individual description page

Standard Schedule

Every Friday Back to the Old Country (Tour A) meets at 10 am.
Most Friday Nights Friday Night Lights (Tour F) meets at 6 pm.
Every Saturday The Delights of Brooklyn (Tour B)
(Brews, Views, Chocolate and much more!)
meets at 10:15 am.
Every Sunday The Sensational Park and Soul Tour (Tour C) meets at 10 am.
Every Sunday Evening The Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline at Twilight Bike Tour (Tour E)
leaves approximately 2 1/2 hours before sunset (Click for the schedule.)
Some Mondays The Dutch Roots and More Tour! meets at 9:30 am.
And Other Mondays Northern Manhattan - A Cornucopia of Unseen Delights! (Tour G) meets at 10:00 am.
Every Tuesday Secret Streets - From High Finance to Hidden Chinatown (Tour D) meets at 10:15 am.
Most Wednesdays East Side, West Side, But Not All Around the Town (Tour I) meets at 10:00 am.
Most Thursdays The Surprising Bronx Bicycle Tour - From Annabel Lee to Hanging Sausages! (Tour H) meets at 10:00 am.
Any Day of the Week Any tour, including On-Demand tours, available on sufficient demand.
Email us.
Please remember: Please make a reservation on the page of the tour you would like to take.
(please do not show up without first making a reservation)