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  • "In advance, everybody was calling me absolutely crazy for proposing a tour by bike in New York. But 6 members of my group were curious and courageous enough to join me and now we are proud of having taken your Brooklyn tour. "Biking in New York as a tourist? It works, thanks to your guides! They led us absolutely safely through the traffic, while providing us with a lot of information on the local history and sights. And very importantly, providing us with a break at a little Italian bakery with delicious pastries!
    "To summarize: we felt safe all the time, we took a lot of very rarely seen pictures, and after three hours we returned as a convinced member of a small but fine guild of people who share an outstanding and unique bicycling and sightseeing experience"

    Herbert Wulfekuhl, Director of the State of Bremen Center for Civic Education, Germany
  • "I read about your tour online and thought, uh-oh, this is for old folks and I might, just might, get bored. However, I must tell you the tour was amazing! Truly amazing! The best part of our trip by far. I went to New York with my friend from high school. On the day that I planned for the two of us, I picked going on your tour and going to the Yankees game. It was our first experience with a major league game so we both were looking forward to it. But then, we went on the bike tour! Anyway, I want to thank you and your guides for providing me with the experience of a lifetime... and it's definitely not just for older people, I'm 23 and my friend was 24."

    Talia Camozzi, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • "A note of thanks from myself, Nick, Alix and Suzanne [children aged 11-15 years old] for a great experience. Without hesitation, we all agreed that the bike tour around NY was THE highlight of our vacation. We got to see places we would never have even thought of going as well as getting the chance to talk with people who are living in the city. Your commentary was superb as well. I particularly recall your exposition on the Brooklyn Bridge. There, our party grew by quite a few "non-cyclists" whilst you were explaining down on the quayside about the history of the bridge and its construction!! "

    Tim McGrigor, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • "Thank you and your sweep for making our bike tour so interesting, well planned and do-able. I didn't know exactly how to survive biking through the streets of NY on a busy Saturday. However, we did it with alot of style and information. It was a wonderful day in every way!!
    "I hope to spread the word about your tours with the Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk gals, young and older like me. I'm sure your tour could generate a fun filled social outing "

    Devitt Liptak, Gilford, New Hampshire
  • "After over 50 years of visiting New York, I saw parts of the City I never knew from the best seat in the house: a bicycle. The company, the sights, the food, the smells, the biking were all exciting and enjoyable. Who would've thought biking in NYC would be the high point of a city visit?"

    Mitch and Marilyn Ross, Boston, MA
  • " I can't tell you enough how much my family, including my 9 and 13 year old children, enjoyed your tour. It was a wonderful family experience and the BEST part of our trip. We had taken a bike tour earlier in the day of Central Park with your competitor. The difference between your set up and theirs is like night and day. Their bikes aren't run down, but they could use some TLC. Their guides were friendly and informative but you and Frank beat them hands down! Our only regret was not having taken advantage of the other day tours or a customized tour.
    Thanks so much! "

    Carmina Salinas, Austin, Texas
  • "Having grown up in NYC and lived here for much of my adult life, your rides continue to amaze me. Few New Yorkers have any idea how readily two wheels can access this city's disparate historic sites, ethnic neighborhoods, gastronomic surprises, as well as incredible views. They are not just bicycle rides - they are first-hand insights into NYC's rich history, culture, and diversity !"

    Frank Allstrom, Brooklyn, New York
  • "Instead of a boring bus or boat tour, we were rewarded with tons of information and breathtaking views that we found nowhere else. At first we were a bit nervous since we are not serious riders and have some health concerns. We were pleasantly surprised how accommodating you were on our custom tours. Thanks again to all of you for making our vacation so special."

    Jacques and Sonja Ruppert, Luxembourg
  • "There is no better way to explore than on a bike. You cover far more ground than walking but still travel at a human pace. And it's wonderful to have people like you share your knowledge about, and passionate enthusiasm for, your city. I learned so much."

    Jennifer Stern, E-Business Content Manager, South African Tourism
  • "Everyone is still raving about the trip and those that didn't go are now feeling a little bit bummed out. Thanks so much for a wonderful time!!"

    Lisa Kemes , Harrisburg, PA

  • " I'm not all that athletic, and hadn't been on a bike in probably 20 years. So, bicycling on New York City streets was the last thing I'd think of doing for fun. But, fun it was! I'm so glad my friends talked me into going on the Bronx ride. It will go down as one of my all-time favorite New York adventures. Many thanks to Joel and Jesse for their can-do encouragement, and for the animated and informative tour. We saw, we laughed, we ate, we learned. What a great day! "

    Kathie Kopa, Los Angeles, California