• Our approach is straightforward

    Your comfort and safety are our foremost concern
    New York City, as a major urban center, has a negative image, particularly when it comes to bicycling. However, bicycle touring in New York City is much safer than it might, at first, appear. Unlike many other American cities, the car is not The King in The Big Apple. Motorists are accustomed to sharing the streets with pedestrians, bicyclists, roller bladers, taxi cabs, delivery trucks, and other motorists. Participants from even small American cities have told us they actually felt safer riding in New York City. Back at home they too often felt that motorists were unwilling to share the road with anyone else!

    We want you to be a satisfied customer
    We want you to come back for more unique biking experiences as well to "spread the good word." Our tours accordingly avoid heavily traveled streets and areas of the city. Some of our tours travel on bike lanes and on bike paths, both of which are found in every part of the city. At the occasional busy intersection, the leader will stop until all the bikes are through. We are proud to note that since 2001, when we started our company, we have led thousands of riders without a single one being hit by any moving vehicle!
    Bike riding anywhere is of course a potentially hazardous activity. All participants are required to sign a standard waiver of liability before they start their tour. To ensure that you will have a pleasant ride, we ask everyone to first take a brief test ride to see that they are comfortable on the bike.
    Please also note that we do require all riders to wear helmets whenever on the bicycle (we do provide the helmets - or you may bring your own). We do understand that many people choose not to wear helmets when riding on their own; however, on our tours, we do require that you wear one.

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